Purchase Propecia

Purchase Propecia

Male pattern baldness is responsible for around 95% of the problems that men face with hair loss. It is a condition that effects over half of the male population. And, it is a subject that most men don't want to discuss or even think about. It causes emotional stress and leaves most men with a low self esteem. Today, more and more men are choosing to purchase propecia to treat male pattern baldness.

By the age of 25, approximately 15% of men have already began to show some signs of male pattern baldness. While there is little medical evidence to prove what causes hair loss, it is known that genetics are directly responsible. Baldness can be inherited from either parent or from other family members. While there is literally nothing you can do about genetics, propecia is a proven method of treating hair loss.

Male pattern baldness is the result of a build up of DHT around the hair follicle that eventually destroys it. Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT is a byproduct that is produced by testosterone. It plays a very important role in the functions of the testicles, prostate and the central nervous system. DHT also minimizes the production of estrogen and the effects that it can have on the bodies tissues.

In clinical studies, propecia has been proven to reduce the amount of DHT that is produced. The levels of DHT are reduced in not only the blood, but also around the hair follicles. With less DHT to destroy the follicles, they can begin to grow new hair. About 80% of the men that purchase propecia have seen a noticeable improvement in the amount of hair they have.

Studies have shown that improvement can occur within just three months of starting propecia. Not only does propecia promote new hair growth, but it also reduces the amount of hair loss. So, you get to keep more of the hair you already have and see the hair you've lost being replaced. Although the results can vary for each man taking propecia, it is one of the most effective hair loss treatments on the market.

Although propecia is mainly used as an effective treatment for hair loss, it also has other uses. In some cases, your physician may give you a prescription to purchase propecia to treat an enlarged prostate. It's also occasionally prescribed for women to treat female pattern baldness. And, it can also be used to treat excessive body or facial hair.

Propecia has produced a high rate of success for millions of men around the world. It can help you to regain your self esteem, build confidence and make you look years younger. If you are suffering from hair loss, propecia may be the solution you've been searching for. And, even if you don't experience a substantial amount of new hair growth, propecia can slow the hair loss process and help you keep the hair you do have.

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